ACF Block Loader | WP63

ACF Block Loader


Wrapper class for easy ACF Gutenberg Block registration


composer require wp63/acf-block-loader


By default, Class file should be stored in side Blocks directory (or app/Blocks in Sage 9) in your theme root directory. Filename should be the same as Classname as in PSR-4. We recommend you to map namespace WP63\Blocks\ to Blocks directory in PSR-4 Autoload in composer.json file. Or you will need to include all Block files into your theme manually in functions.php

  1. Create a class extending WP63\Block
  2. Class default namespace is WP63\Blocks\
  3. Class must have at least 2 methods: register() and render()
namespace WP63\Blocks;

use WP63\Block;

class MyBlock extends Block {
  protected function register() {
    return [
      'name' => $name,
      'title' => $title,
      'category' => $category

  public function render() {
    display block html

register() method must return an array with 2 or 3 keys

  • $name block-unique-name
  • $title Block Title
  • $category Block category. Predefined categories are [ common | formatting | layout | widgets | embed ] (Optional)

render() is the method for rendering actual block. Every output generated inside this method will be part of block html. Render method will have access to 4 callback arguments from ACF via $this variable

  • array $this->block The block settings and attributes.
  • string $this->content The block inner HTML (empty).
  • boolean $this->is_preview True during AJAX preview.
  • int|string $this->post_id The post ID this block is saved to.


  • wp63/acf_block_namespace Change block namespace. Default: WP63\Blocks\
  • wp63/acf_block_directory Change directory name. Default: ./Blocks

In case you use this library with Sage 9, You will need to hook into wp63/acf_block_directory and change directory name.

add_filter('wp63/acf_block_directory', function( $directory ) {
    return '../app/Blocks';